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El mayor inventario deportivo del mercado español con más de 17.000 referencias. 


Welcome to Jim Sports

Jim Sports Group is made up of six companies that meet all the needs of the sports world. With an actuation segment focused on the wholesale market, Jim Sports manufacture, import, build, distribute, develop OEM services, and export all type of sports material, as well as sport facilities and equipment.

In the different companies that make up the group, we create and dispense more than 10.000 references of sport item, but also facilities, equipment, metallic structures and works on labelling, personalization and serigraphy in general.

Our yearly balance is over 15 million of euros of selling, and a professional workforce surrounding 100 people. Jim Sports Group always trust in high qualified profiles to form their human resources, that normally develop their careers in the company, and transfer their enthusiasm to customers and providers.

The philosophy of the Jim Sports companies is based in three main ideas:

1. The focus on the most competitive quality and prices of the market.  

2. Personalized and professional attention to give specific and efficient solutions to every request.

3. The improvement of the current sports stock: creating new brands, going further, opening new frontiers to imports and exports and expanding, in general, our buying and selling markets for the sports born in Jim Spots.

If you want to become a customer of Jim Sports, ask for prices or any other question about our products or services, please call us on +34 982.28.61.00,or mail us on:


Thank you for your colaboration

What would you like us to improve?

The best way of improving a service or a product is asking consumers what would they improve. That is what we think in Jim Sports and because of this, we have a new section in our website, where we need your help.

In the section Your Opinion , we ask you a quickly test. To answer the questions takes no longer than a minute, but it is very useful for us in our daily improvement.

We take your opinion in count. Thank you for giviving it to us.